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Lorraine bianchi duterloo

Labour law – Corporate law – Sports law

I have been involved in Labour Lawyers at TLG since 2008. In 2013, I spent 15 months working as a legal advisor at NEP The Netherlands (then still Consolidated Media Industries B.V.). In mid 2014, I returned to TLG as a lawyer and partner.

What do I do?

I advise and support my clients in a range of issues relating to labour and corporate law. With my practical way of thinking, my ability to find creative solutions, listen to my clients and view all aspects of a case with them, I am generally able to find a solution without the mediation of the court.

Within TLG, I am sometimes compared to Harvey Specter from Suits.


E: lorraine@thelegalgroup.nl
T: 0203792321
M: 0641208264
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